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Story: Things to know when feeding pigeons

For raising pigeons for high yield, in addition to pay attention to the quality of seeds, farm system, diet and feeding the birds so that reasonable is extremely important. Here are the details that you can reference.

1. To select seed
To feed the pigeons brings economic efficiency, the choice of seed is the most important factor. You should note the healthy, smooth, no defects and operational agility.

If you choose to buy the bird for breeding, you should look aged 4 to 6 months old. In fact, to distinguish males and females is quite difficult, so you can seek the opinion of the experts is the best experience.

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2. pigeon cage
The dove is the preferred aesthetic animals should build stables when you need to pay attention to this. You should arrange the barn in a dry, cool and quiet assurance. To prevent the appearance of the cat or the mouse vandalism, you should arrange an elevation stables and discreet.

With the pigeon cages for individual types bred from 6 months onwards, you should design the barn surrounded by the most appropriate grating. Each pair should have a full range of tools such as gutters, as well as food trough straw or plastic disk.

Barn with pigeon populations, you should pay attention to the number of birds to design appropriate size with the density of about 6-8 / m2.

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