Puppy portraits

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Puppy portraits

It can be said if you love animals, love the cute dog and like photography it’s a hard one to get advantages, it helps to be optimistic and love life more, because we are animal lovers.


Story: Photographing food that looks delicious, attractive

When you take food or jams, great if photographs can convey both the good taste of the subject is captured.
To capture such images, consider elements and bright colors so you can brilliantly recreated the picture looks delectable dishes that resemble most real-life images.
First, let’s set the camera in P mode and try the following techniques.

Reproduce colors as you like
The bright colors and brilliant are two important factors contributing to food shots and jam cake looks delicious, attractive.
First, color correction by the white balance feature. White balance is a feature that adjusts the level of the standard “white”. However, this feature can also be used as color filters in the digital camera. First, take the white balance settings automatically [AWB] to see results like images you expect it or not and then try to access the settings [Daylight] or [Clouds] if necessary. If you want to search for the desired color, then add features for tweaking the white balance and efficiency.
Overall, a delicious dish will look more attractive if taken with warm colors (reddish color).

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