Rescue animals

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rescue animals

the animals are always the good friend is always with us whenever we need, if you love animals you’ll love this shirt. Because we are animal lovers.


Story: also intelligent animals, much less humans

Goldfish are not only music, but also distinguish authors with other authors. In the study, experts on two classic tracks including Fugue in D


Snakes do not just attack and kill prey instinct, they also monitor the status of victim to the end. The extent and duration to strangle a snake kill prey by wrapping tightly controlled to perfection, corresponding to heart rate and weakened condition of the unfortunate prey.

Horses are considered very loyal animals to humans. According to researchers from the University of Rennes Carol Sankey, France, they are also animals have excellent memories, can learn and remember some of the words that people say to them. If treated and well cared for, the horse will be the lasting friendships with owners and even remember who raised after a long time. Ability to know who’s voice is also better horses than dogs.

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