Shark photography

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Shark photography


Story: Technical zooming in / out in photography

With a photographic machine function, the decision to stop motion (started strokes stick) a moving object is to some degree depending on the intention of the photographer. From the original intent, selecting the shutter speed will create the motion picture blur intentional.

Cameras or photographic equipment may mode slower shutter speeds from the 15s – 30s.
3 more tripod (tripod)
Zoom lens, zoom focal range as long as to create various effects.
Find angle landscapes or city … with multiple light sources, the color.
Mounting the camera on the tripod fixed
WB Auto
ISO: 100-200
Lens Aperture: F / 16 – F / 22
Shutter speed: 15 – 30 seconds or longer, depending on actual light sources and zoom focal range.
How to take:
Focus on sharp objects required by “twist arms” or Auto Focus.
Courses focus on the lens (turn through M), or separate mechanisms of capture devices.
Press the shutter button and zoom lens rotation. Rotate slightly and evenly.
When the zoom, can zoom in (rotate through), or zoom out (turned out) in its sole discretion.
Done! Wait for the results.

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