Sorry i cant i have plans with a cat

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Sorry i cant i have plans with a cat

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Stories about: loyal cat owners to visit the tomb every day
Since the boss took over one year ago, day cat also brought small gifts to the tomb owner.
Toldo cat is 3 years old, it has black and white plumage, and now lives in Montagnana, northern Italy. According to the Corriere Fiorentino, from the boss Renzo Iozzelli died on 22/9/2011 at the age of 71 so far, cats Toldo day he also visited the graves, and bring a small gift. They can be the leaves, sticks, twigs, plastic cups or paper towel.

“Today I visited his grave at Toldo. On the way back, an acquaintance told me that the cat was in the grave early in the morning, “she Ada, his wife Renzo said. The neighbors said they saw Toldo day around the tombs.

Ada said she discovered she started the day Toldo boss also visited a day after he was taken Renzo buried in the cemetery. “That day, I went with my daughter until she found a tree on a tombstone. I think it is Toldo, but my daughter did not believe, “she told Ada. However until that night, his son Renzo return to the cemetery when suddenly saw the cat Toldo was standing watch at the tomb.

According to Ms. Ada, when alive, her husband and cats Toldo very intimate and close. Mr. Renzo adopted cat since it was 3 months old. However many people do not believe in such close links which often chase their Toldo every time the cat to watch at the grave boss.

“Some people are deliberately malicious stone or other objects to throw the cat. They give the appearance of an animal in the state cemetery is a divine appointment, “Huffington Post quoted Ms. Ada said.

However, Toldo is still very resilient and visited Mr. Renzo daily tissue. “My husband loved it. He has a great love for animals. It seems Toldo very grateful to him. It is a very special cat, “she said Ada.

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