Stay focused

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Stay focused

It can be said if you love animals and love taking pictures it’s a hard one to get advantages, it helps to be optimistic and love life more, because we are animal lovers.


Story: Vivid landscape

If you come across a vast landscape, large while traveling, you want to put the vast, vast in his pictures, including spectacular views and fresh air, cool you felt at the time.
To capture such images, please set the camera in mode A and try to apply the techniques below.

Shooting with a small aperture
First, use a smaller aperture to capture landscape photos. Setting the aperture value F8 helps around the entire image clear, sharp though the recommended values may vary depending on shooting conditions or lens.
Generally, if you want to capture sharp images with high contrast, increase the parameter value f. Conversely, if you want the whole picture looks gentle, decrease the parameter value f.

Taken with the aperture value set at F9.0, this picture looks clear and crisp as the tree in the foreground and sky in the background are in focus. If parameter value is too small f pictures will tend to be less fresh because the machine can only focus on one of the two entities is pine or sky.


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