The dog father



The dog father

Love is something people always need to learn, so not only loves people that we should love animals, dogs, because we are dog lovers, love animals.



Dog waiting for his master for 30 minutes was saved from ice (USA)
Dogs really are wonderful companions. The next story is a loyal dog was waiting for 30 minutes while rescuers put their employer out of the ice on the Colorado River.

An unknown man about 60 years old identity and his pet dog have went duck hunting on the waterfront. The man who fell down the ice as he walked out the rocks to catch a duck. A hunter nearby witnessed the accident and called the police.

Like a family is worried, the dog pacing, trying to reach his owner despite constantly waved it off for fear it would fall to the ice.

Dorado – Pay attention at all escape attack the twin towers in 2001

On the day of 11.09.2011, Omar Eduardo Rivera, a blind computer technician, working at 71 floors of the World Trade Center (WTC) has survived thanks to the guidance of Dorado pet dog.

When the plane crashed into the towers, Rivera thought would hardly escape the building. “I think I will die – the noise and the temperature at that time was scary. But I have to give Dorado a chance to escape. So I took off the chain for it and ordered it to run away, “Rivera said.

Dorado who were then herded into the lane but a few minutes later was back inside his Dorado. Immediately, Dorado and a colleague helped Rivera climb down 70 stories and survived about 1 hour later.

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