The lab father

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the lab father

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chocolate-lab my-lab-walks-all-over-me

Story: Labrador dog the world’s most popular
they usually do care Guide dogs and people with disabilities. Here is a funny story about Guide dogs for the blind.
Two people walking their dogs. A man child doberman (name a dog breed German), the other led the chihuahua (a small dog breeds, according to a city in Mexico). They come across a restaurant and decided to eat it slightly.

Who led the chihuahua said: “We can not here because tow dogs, but other signs indicate” not given to follow “.

But doberman who led the meeting: “Follow me”.

He wore sunglasses up his eyes and led me into the restaurant doberman.

“Excuse me, but not for the dogs in,” she said restaurant staff.

“She has not got it. This is my Dog to lead the way, because I was blind. ”

Her staff said: “I think to lead the way, people often use the same dog labrador“.

“Now people use doberman dogs. We lead the way very well. ”

“Sorry sir. Invited him in, “she told staff.

Who led the chihuahua immediately take steps to prepare. He wore sunglasses to her eyes, approached the restaurant door.

She stood by the door staff, said: “Excuse me, but not for the dogs in.”

Chihuahua who led the meeting: “She has not got it. I was blind, and this is my son Guide dogs “.

Her staff said: “A Chihuahua?”.

Who led the chihuahua proved extremely surprised: “This is a chihuahua you? It left me a chihuahua used à ?! “.

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