Wedding photography

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Wedding photography

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Story: Photography Professional Guide for New Play

Knowledge Base – The New Photography

A. acquainted with light, texture, aperture, shutter speed and style

1. Light upon
Light upon light holders from the front (camera side).
Because the subject is directly exposed to light up the color and shape of the subject is reproduced clearly and accurately. This type of light is suitable for shooting landscapes, recreate the blue sky and brilliant trees alive.

2. The light inside
Lighting inside the subject illuminated from one side
This type of lighting tends to clear up shadows can all make a strong contrast between bright and dark areas. This type of light best suited to create a depth map for the image by adding shadows on the subject.

3. Reverse Light
Lighting backlight from behind the subject.
By shooting with backlight, you can make the photographs more appealing food or soothing atmosphere for a portrait. But on the other hand, because of strong sunlight should reach the lens holder tends to be dark. In that case, use the exposure compensation feature to adjust the brightness of the subject at will.

B. Trick shooting – People Intensive

mainly how to select the lens and shooting


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