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If you love dogs and animals you will like this shirt. Please see more products form other adorable animals on our website.



The pigeons can not spawn if there alone. In order to ovarian activity, the pigeons have to see a different pigeons.

Kangaroo (kangaroo), the energy jump as quickly as it consumed less.

Elephants are among the few species of mammals that can not jump! It was also discovered that elephants are still standing after death.

The mites, a fly is found in Africa, spent 17 years of his life sleeping, and just two weeks is awake during that time mate and then die.

Bloody spider transparent.

Some lions mate over 50 times a day.

Snails breathe through their feet.

Mice reproduce so fast that in just 18 months, only mice from 2 fathers, mothers can give birth to up to 1 million descendants.

Another type of cicadas are found in Africa for 17 years in the life of them to sleep. In total, they are only a few weeks in the form of mating time and then die.

Floating porcupines.

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