Who rescued who?

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who rescued who?

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Story: Love of animals
Today, we will demonstrate the love and marriage of animals no different to anywhere decent man. Even there are some species that humans can hardly match by loyalty, cause us to doubt it. The following couples are couples who stay true to their love life and keep vows of marriage, it is love and respect the opponent until one of the two dies.

1) Birds flamingo cu

Trivia you know why the church or raising pigeons, or the wedding event has the appearance of her? In addition to the postman in the old days, the pigeons also carry the meaning of love, happiness and bring peace again.

Dove – the symbol of love and fidelity has even inspired Shakespeare, was the subject of his work.

Males courting females by flying to the “she”, and then create the sound so life-like singing that, combined with his wings create noise makes children more attention. And if the two of you together would share a home. Love them or reheat preening each other by the way, cuddle and sing to each other, too. Couple pigeons will live together until one of the two children died.

 2) Birds owl

Owls also have other names such as the barn owl birds, although you was never completely broken fat but also very cute heart-shaped face again. They are insectivorous animals, great for catching insects and birds was a family tend to “monogamy” jog.

The owl often courting male offspring within a year. After that, he built the team and invite the children to see how their home. If the children agree, we will live together, have children and raise them well. And bulls will be the head of the family pillar.

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