Yes i am the king

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yes i am the king

shirt with an expression of love for your dog is very special, you see it as a king and did not consider it to be an animal, it’s lovely and really different shirt to express feelings your for your dog. Because we are dog lovers.


Story: The difference between dogs and cats
I do not like cats so I just always a dog house. For her, the cat is the same apathy and confusing. when looked much time ..
Then suddenly his house appears a cat (daughter brought back), from that day on his or observation and comparison between cats and dogs, and this is what I discovered:
When home away from home, the dog jumped up for joy, yelped, pick tails, twisted his body … in general, it uses everything possible to express joy
And the cat is sleeping on the sofa.


When a stranger comes, break out barking dogs, proved its loyalty by protecting property owners.
And the cat is sleeping on the sofa, or on the bed.


To meals, dog sitting looking up nervously, eagerly, “do not forget me decent boss”, it would say so.
Cats also are turned away, eyes dim view of the door, indifferent, ignoring all the sound of eating.
When eaten, the dog burning large pieces baits, eat and eat, so that body look like it just now a minus sign, now looks like … plus


And cats are too soggy to eat each one, eat a few bites and left.
At night, the dogs lying volunteer to play, regardless of the rain, the cold
As for the cat, lies a corner, watching in silence ..
And there is much difference between dogs and cats anymore.
Conclusion: When the dog tried to ingratiate himself with all the loyalty and the cuteness of it in exchange for pieces of food and life, it is trying to reduce the “dog” in it to have a little part “Persons” in desperation, Then another cat again I am so and will always be so, because I am the cat and will always be a cat, do not … .cho, cats think so!
And changed his outlook on cats!

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