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According to a recent study, cat lovers and dog lovers have different personalities and social trends.

This study shows that dog lovers tend to live more extroverted, prefer to communicate with people and follow rules closely. Meanwhile, cat lovers tend to be more introverted, more sensitive and less inclined to follow certain rules.

And also according to a survey in this study showed that cat lovers are usually smarter than dog lovers. Although this may cause controversy among pet owners, however, the scientists affirm this is based on the most objective assessment.

One of the reasons for the differences in personality between dogs and cats may be related to the habitat and preferences of the two species. “You will find that dog owners have a happier life, they often go out and walk the dog and have more opportunities to interact and talk to more people. At the same time, cat owners spend more time indoors, they often stay at home reading or sitting in front of their pets, because cats do not have the need for you to walk. ”

The researchers looked at more than 600 college students, who were asked to answer a series of questions related to their hobbies and personality, as well as their feelings about the two species of pets. present.

Of the survey participants, 60% said they were dog lover, while 11% loved the cat (the rest were lovers of both species and those who did not. Like animals). Dog lovers also said that harmony and fun are the characters they like in these animals. Meanwhile, independence, cautiousness and affection are the attractive characteristics of cats for their breeders.

1 Professor says that owners tend to choose pets based on their personality. Based on these unique traits, researchers have evaluated cats who tend to be smarter, more cautious in their work.

Talking is a bit far away, but those who love animals, love pets, loving dog love cat love interest are good nature, good direction and full of love for life.

So to help people affirm that love to their pets and ourselves we also love animals, has created special designs that express our love to the species. What we love, build a better society, love and protect more animals.

Come to to find yourself a cute T-shirt that you think fit your love for your pets.

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